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Since every bathroom has a
bathtub, toilet, vanity and sink,
we are able to show you a
description of our procedure that
is included in our complete
bathroom remodeling package.  
Although some bathrooms may
require additional work, or a
completely customized solution,
we use this basic outline to show
you how thorough our process
Removal of all fixtures from the bathroom, including the sink, vanity, toilet,  bathtub,         
medicine cabinet, mirror, exhaust fan and light fixture.
Remove additional materials including the flooring, trim, drywall and tub surround

Cleanup and Repairs
Remove all dust and debris from bathroom.
Dispose of all of the waste and old fixtures from the bathroom.
Inspect the wall studs for mold growth, sub-floor for rot and inspect the condition of the     
toilet's closet flange for excessive wear
Provide any necessary repairs including disinfecting mold growth and replacing portions
of the sub-floor (repairs will be made within reason, however, excessive repairs will be
billed at an additional cost)
Provide any necessary repairs including disinfecting mold growth and replacing portions
of the sub-floor (repairs will be made within reason, however, excessive repairs will be
billed at an additional cost)

We will install the following fixtures:
1) BATHTUB AND DRAIN ASSEMBLY- Tubs available in Porcelain coated steel, fiberglass.  
Overflow and drain assembly can be ordered to match the finish or your new fixtures.
TUB SURROUND - We use an impervious 1/2" backer board on all of tub surrounds to
prevent water from penetrating through the wall, mold growth and cracked grout lines.  Tiles
and boarders are available to match the floor.
PRESSURE BALANCING SHOWER VALVE – Prevents water temperature changes when
other appliances in the house consume water such as flushing a toilet.
SHOWER HEAD AND VALVE TRIM **– Over 15 distinct designer looks available with
ensembles to match the finish and style with other fixtures in the room.
TOILET* – We use only the good one's Kohler and American Standard toilets which give you
many different options of flushing power and water saving technology, many toilets available
which use only 1.28 gallons of water per flush and only 2in. outlet.
TOILET SEAT – Available in different colors and styles with the soft close option.
FLOOR & WALL TILE*** - We have a variety of tiles available including ceramic, porcelain
and natural stone.
VANITY - There are many different door styles, colors and species of wood to choose from.
SINK - 50 different color options to choose from along with different styles and materials
including cultured marble, quartz and granite
FAUCET - We recommend and include Moen and Kohler faucets with ensemble to match
the room.
MIRROR- Frames available to match the vanity and medicine cabinet.
MEDICINE CABINET - Wall mounted and recessed cabinets are available.
LIGHT FIXTURE - Many styles and finishes available to match the rooms décor.
EXHAUST FAN – Models are available with decorative lights and moisture sensing
BASE MOLDING AND SHOE MOLDING – Many different styles and wood species
available to choose from to complete the rooms décor.
SHOWER CURTAIN ROD – A standard shower curtain rod is included in your remodel with
the choice to upgrade to a glass shower door.
OUTLETS, SWITCHES AND WALL PLATES – All will be replaces with new bright white.
ACCESSORIES - Towel rods, toilet paper holder, robe hooks, hand towel holder and
shelves are available in the finish and style to match many of the different ensembles.

We will install the following materials:
1)      ½” impervious backer board for tiled tub surrounds to prevent water penetration and
mold growth.
2)      ½” backer board for tiled floors where applicable to give extra strength and rigidity.
3)      GFCI outlets to meet current codes and for additional safety.
4)      ¼ turn shutoff valves for faster shutoffs and to reduced the risk of valve leaks.
5)      Benjamin Moore paint with mildew & mold inhibitors in custom color finishes.
6)      ½” Green board drywall to prevent mold growth and to give the room a new look.

Final cleanup and walk through
A professional cleaning of your newly remodeled bathroom.
A walk through to ensure your satisfaction.
Instructions for the proper care and maintenance of the products installed in your
Warranty information and extended warranty plans available for the
maintenance of your new bathroom.

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