Vinyl windows and patio doors are the perfect fit for all remodeling, new construction applications and newly
constructed conservatories. Designed to be beautiful and functional, the clean, crisp lines and durable performance of
our products will surely be the perfect addition to a residence regardless of the style. Rugged u-PVC vinyl
multi-chambered frames and sashes provide maximum thermal efficiency and years of maintenance free, and long
lasting beauty. In addition to these windows and doors being attractive, durable and easily maintained, they have all the
features you have been dreaming of ; upper and lower tilt-in sashes for controlled ventilation and easy cleaning,
multiple glazing options, high performance double weather sealing, interlocking systems, fusion welded corners for
added strength,  clean looks and quality hardware.

PVC windows have numerous properties that make it the ideal window material and provide the highest standards for
quality, durability and efficiency. They are maintenance free, they will not rust, corrode, or rot contrary to other windows
made with traditional frame. PVC components will never be altered by ultra-violet rays or acid rain as a result of our
extrusions fabricated with "first generation" powder.
New doors and windows not only make
a dramatic difference in the look and feel of
your home but they can also make a dramatic
difference in the cost of heating and cooling
your home.
Top Choice offers the installation of
window and doors from  quality
manufacturers such as
Advanced Window
(locally made with the highest quality in
Peachtree and Pella. Each of which
offer a variety of
construction materials ranging from steel,
vinyl, wood and fiberglass.
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AFTER new custom made door
Advanced Window Corp.
Pella, Peachtree
Windows and Doors are some of the most energy
efficient products on the market. Energy
conservation is necessary for our country’s energy
future. On February 17, 2009, the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed
into law. It provides a one-time tax credit of up to
$1,500 dollars for qualifying energy efficient home
improvement products.

2009-2010 Energy Credit Details

The tax credit applies to "qualified energy efficient
improvements" which include exterior windows and
doors for the taxpayer's primary residence in the
United States.
The tax credit is 30% of the amount paid for the
product up to a maximum of $1,500 combined for
2009 and 2010.  
This tax credit is for the cost of
the product only and does not include
installation costs.
Why Vinyl
The reason is simple - vinyl windows are superior to wood or aluminum, and Advanced
Window Corp
.are built with an advanced u-PVC material that has great color stability
and resistance to ultraviolet exposure and impact. They provide very high degree of
insulation, stability and durability, and they will never need painting or refinishing to
keep their lasting beauty.

Multi chamber designs of
Advanced Window Corp. profiles have empowered vinyl
windows with a strength, energy efficiency, and performance that would have seemed
miraculous 20 years ago. The effect of multi-chambers on strength is well
documented. Our welded profiles provide 9 to 20 inches of weld seams, and window
designs exist with as much as 25 inches of  frame and 14 inches of sash weld
The result is virtually indestructible unibody window that can withstand tremendous pressures without reinforcement of
welded corners. Vinyl has an expansion/contraction coefficient 2.8 times greater than aluminum. Profile and multi
chamber design  plays a major role in controlling thermal movement.  
Vinyl matches wood's ability to resist heat loss, but wood
warps and swells, causing air leaks. So we build even
more vinyl into our windows than other manufacturers to
give them more hollow insulating chambers and thicker
internal walls.
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