No longer are kitchens a place for the
cold look of outdated cabinets and
counter tops, rooms filled with
appliances whose sole purpose  is
performing the one job they were built
for.  Today's kitchens are filled with the
warmth of rich wood cabinets and
smooth stone counter tops
complimented by appliances that not
only perform the job they were built
for but they do it with greater energy
efficiency while offering a pleasing
visual appeal. Your kitchen should not
only be a place where you prepare
meals for your family, it is also the
place where your guest will
congregate during social gatherings,
the children do their homework after
school   and the family get together in
the morning to start their day.
If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, contact us TOP CHOICE BUILDERS and
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)      The number one step in the remodeling process is determining your budget.   
A kitchen remodel can cost as much or as little as you want, depending on the materials
and the amount of alterations being made.  The point of the budget is to determine what
you can and can’t afford.  After all, you wouldn’t  try to buy a house without knowing how
much you could afford to spend.
2)      Do your homework.  Look through books, magazines and online to get an idea of
what you would like to include in your remodel.  
3)      After determining your budget, you will have to make a list of all of the amenities
you would like to have.  Stainless steal appliances, trash compactor, granite countertops,
raised panel cabinets, soft close drawers, side by side refrigerator with built in ice maker
and the list goes on and on.  It doesn’t matter if it fits into your budget or not, just write
out everything you would like to include in your remodel.  The point of this step is to
determine what is important to you and where you would like to spend your budget.  If
you are some one who likes to entertain, it may be more important to have a built in ice
maker and a double oven, rather than that trash compactor you think is really cool, but
might not get as much use out of.
4)      Now go through you list of amenities to see what your budget will allow.  Determine
if you can afford that new 6 burner Viking range or will a 5 burner cook top and double
oven suffice.
5)      Determine a floor plan.  Some remodels knock down walls, open up spaces and
completely redesign the floor plan, while others simply reuse the existing space and
make minor alterations to the components within.  Either way, the floor plan will most
likely have to be adjusted to accommodate the new amenities.
6)      Tie together your new kitchen with design elements and  accessories such as door
knobs, lighting, backsplash, trim, etc.
7)     Sign a contract and watch while
Top Choice  transforms your ordinary kitchen into
an extraordinary kitchen.
Knock out a wall to open up the room!
Let's make your kitchen brand new by total
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